About us and why we are here

Today's world can create a lot of stress, I guess you could call it “civilized anxiety”, a symptom of our lifestyle and demands (To quote a Billy Joel song).  Something that is by no means limited to just us. Many of our friends and family, are experiencing the side effect of overloaded schedules and little time to spend together, let alone with others and are certainly not enjoying the fruits of their labor.
After much reflection, we decided that we wanted a more balanced life, an opportunity see and learn more about this great country that we consider ourselves very fortunate to live in. Spend time
Our mission is to reflect the very heart and soul of each community we visit, discuss the key points of interest, places to visit, culture, talent, special projects, along with any issues they may be experiencing. Spotlighting national parks and other points of beauty.
Our greatest hope is to inspire others to be braver, take the leap, find peace, perspective and balance in life………… live their dreams……. SMILE……… be thankful and kind.  You could describe us as a new age kind of hippies, with a business aspiration.  Sharing our new-found philosophy with everybody we can.
We hope you find our site, entertaining, Informative and a bit of fun. Our intent is to highlight our journey around Australia, and the special places and people we are fortunate enough to encounter along the way.  Providing film footage, images and stories that capture the essence of our journey.
Initially our enterprise will be entirely self funded and hopefully, if we do our job right, and   if the content we produce is useful enough from an educational point of view, we would seek some sponsorship or perhaps a state or federal grant to help us continue.
We hope to include not only the good, but also capture what we are sure will be our many misadventures, with humor.  Showing what we have learned, so others may follow without having to suffer the same issues and embarrassing blunders. 
We also want to address the special issues of travelling with 2 very large dogs, including accessibility, security, health and being secure in the knowledge they are still cared for with the usual love and affection with which they were raised. As we have already discovered, it is wonderful to see they share the same wonderful sense of fun, along with that lust for discovery as we do…. Interacting with other animals and nature in way that was never possible before and learning that people are not all bad. The joy they are experiencing outweighs the downside of smaller home base. 
German Shepherds are pack dogs, and Rod & I are part of their pack……. they want to be wherever we are……… and are much happier than they were living a flash city pad.  By the way Rod and I both have some German ancestry ourselves, which could explain a few things.

Please enjoy……….and peace and happiness to you all!